Invitation to a hidden kingdom

The general interest in fungi has increased a lot in the past years – interesting exhibitions on the subject are welcome by the public. Invite your visitors to dive into the hidden world of fungi. Present a world of experience in an exceptional exhibition in which you combine first-class exhibits from the realm of fungi in real biotopes with current knowledge in an exciting way. 

We are happy to support you – with a jointly developed concept, the selection of the best exhibits and setting up the vitrines with different biotopes for your exhibition that lasts several months.

Fascinating themed worlds

Fungi are present everywhere, but mostly live – invisible to many people – in a hidden place. They have always aroused people’s interest, whether because of their exceptional ways of life, their ecological significance or also their increasing economic use. In your exhibition, you can vividly present many of the fascinating thematic worlds, for example the life of fungi in soil and wood, their interconnectedness, their role as exchange partners of plants, their ability to recycle organic materials, as parasites, their ecology in selected biotopes, their economic use, e.g. as leather substitute, packaging or insulating material, fungi in research and medicine, the role of fungi in weather and rain formation and many other topics.

Nature-identical exhibits

All our exhibits are perfect casts of real fungi that are true to nature down to the smallest detail. We achieve an exact reproduction of the fresh fungi down to sizes of 5 micrometres (µm). And that is exactly what makes our exhibits so desirable: they are not vague replicas, but absolutely nature-identical fungi models that cannot be distinguished from living fungi by the layman.

At the beginning of each of our exhibits there is always a real fungi from nature. We recover it and transport it exactly in the position in which we found it, so as not to injure it. We even have to avoid fingerprints, as these would otherwise be visible later on the exhibit. On the day we find the fungi, we make a colour description of the fungi that is as accurate as possible using special colour plates. All stages – from finding the fungi, making the colour description and detailed photos, to the exact identification by mycologists – must have succeeded flawlessly before we start casting a fungi and making the exhibit. Only after many hours of work is the nature-identical exhibit ready to be exhibited together with the exact species classification as well as information on occurrence, way of life and exciting special features.

In all the photos you can see mushroom exhibits created by us!

Our collection currently comprises over 2000 lifelike fungus exhibits in their natural sizes ranging from a few millimetres to over half a metre. In total, the collection covers a spectrum of over 250 species of fungi. Each fresh mushroom recorded was independently identified by mycologists.

Another part of the collection comprises over 140 exhibits of enlarged fungal spore models of 6 species. To make them visible to an audience at all, they were measured in 3D at a research facility. This made it possible to create transparent spore models in various sizes up to 36 cm in diameter, which corresponds to a magnification of up to 30,000 times. As a surround installation, it is a “starry sky of fungal spores” that surrounds us in reality but is not visible.

Exhibitions with our fungi

  • “Fungi” at Elementarium Museum der Westlausitz Kamenz – 2/2023-11/2023
  • “Fungi – Networkers of Nature” at the Natural History Museum Magdeburg – 08/2020 – 04/2021
  • “Art of taxidermy” at the Natural History Museum Magdeburg – 06/2018 – 11/2018
  • “300 Years of Jacob Christian Schäffer” in Querfurt – 06 – 08/2018
  • “Mushrooms – Food, Poison and Myths” at the Museum Wiesbaden – 06/2017 – 08/2018
  • “Fungi – Networkers of Nature” at the Natural History Museum Coburg – 08/2015 – 02/2016
  • “Fungi – Networkers of Nature” at the Universal Museum Joanneum Graz 05/2013 – 10/2014
  • “Forest Mushrooms” Natural History Museum Bern – 11/2004 – 12/2005

The makers of the fungi

We are Lise-Lotte and Klaus Wechsler from Bremen, Germany. Over 30 years ago we started experimenting with different materials to preserve fungi. By making casts, we found a way to solve the initially seemingly insurmountable difficulties of preserving the shape and colour of the fungi. Since that time, we have spent many thousands of hours perfecting the production of nature-identical exhibits of fungi.

When you realize a mycological exhibition with us, you not only have access to an exceptional collection of first-class exhibits, but you also receive the expertise that is necessary for the success of an exhibition for a demanding audience today. This is backed by a lifetime of experience as a biological taxidermist, supported by our network of experienced mycologists.

In addition to all our expertise, experience and know-how: Every exhibition is carefully planned, coordinated and realised with you down to the last detail. Therefore, please allow for a lead time of often several years for your exhibition.


We are pleased if we have aroused your interest in a fungi exhibition in your museum and cordially invite you to get in touch with us.