The makers of the fungi

We are Lise-Lotte and Klaus Wechsler from Bremen, Germany. Over 30 years ago we started experimenting with different materials to preserve fungi. By making casts, we found a way to solve the initially seemingly insurmountable difficulties of preserving the shape and colour of the fungi. Since that time, we have spent many thousands of hours perfecting the production of nature-identical exhibits of fungi.

When you realize a mycological exhibition with us, you not only have access to an exceptional collection of first-class exhibits, but you also receive the expertise that is necessary for the success of an exhibition for a demanding audience today. This is backed by a lifetime of experience as a biological taxidermist, supported by our network of experienced mycologists.

In addition to all our expertise, experience and know-how: Every exhibition is carefully planned, coordinated and realised with you down to the last detail. Therefore, please allow for a lead time of often several years for your exhibition.


We are pleased if we have aroused your interest in a fungi exhibition in your museum and cordially invite you to get in touch with us.